Can I use kitchen paint in my bathroom?

Kitchen and bathroom paint is often marketed as the only paint to be used in those rooms, and it does have some advantages over standard emulsion paints. Kitchen and bathroom specific paints have been formulated to address many of the issues found with using standard emulsion.

According to the Dulux website bathroom paint is moisture and steam resistant and is protected against mould for 5 years whereas kitchen paint is matt and grease resistant.

Furthermore, what is kitchen and bathroom paint? Kitchen and bathroom paint are a soft sheen finish but have ingrediants added to shrug off steam,condensation runs and tea and coffee stains etc whereas standard emulsions do not. Also as they are a soft sheen finish they are wipeable unlike standard matt.

Also question is, can I use Dulux Kitchen paint in bathroom?

Q: Can I use Dulux Easycare Washable & Tough in the kitchen or bathroom? Dulux Easycare Washable & Tough can be used in any room in your house however for bathrooms we would recommend Easycare Bathroom as it is an exceptionally tough moisture and steam resistant paint.

What is the best kitchen and bathroom paint?


  1. Dulux Easycare Kitchen Matt Emulsion Paint.
  2. Ronseal Satin Tile Paint.
  3. Colours Kitchen Matt Emulsion Paint.
  4. Ronseal Anti-Mould Paint.
  5. Rust-Oleum Kitchen Worktop Transformation Kit.
  6. Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood Paint.
  7. Johnstone’s Kitchen & Bathroom Emulsion Paint.
  8. Rust-Oleum Black Matt Chalkboard paint.

Why is kitchen and bathroom paint different?

The answer to this is there’s no such thing as different kitchen and bathroom paint. The difference between these two types of paints and other types of paints is they are designed to handle moisture from cooking or steam from bathing better than other non-moisture-resistant paints.

Can you use normal paint in kitchen?

There is no such thing as kitchen and bathroom paint. Its merely a marketiong ploy by paint manufacturers to make you buy silk emulsion and vastly inflated prices. Professionals never use it and architects and interior designers never specify it. Just use a silk emulsion which is easy to wipe over.

What is different about bathroom paint?

Mildew-inhibiting properties: Bathroom paint has anti-microbial additives that help resist (but not completely prevent) mildew, or mold. Washable finish: Since bathroom walls need an occasional wipe-down or even scrubbing, good bathroom paint is slightly tougher and more resilient than other interior paints.

Which paint is best for kitchen walls?

Since kitchens are such a busy part of a home and often need extra cleaning, a satin or semi-gloss finish is the best options. Satin and eggshell finishes are commonly believed to be the same, but in fact, satin is a bit shinier. Satin finishes are easy to clean and good at standing up to mildew, stains and dirt.

Can you use bathroom paint in other rooms?

Bathroom Walls Because of bathrooms’ moisture, the need for wipe-ability is even higher than in the kitchen. Type: Interior wall paint. Usually, premium paints or those labeled as “bathroom paint” are appropriate.

Is matt or silk paint better for kitchens?

Eggshell and satin are two finishes often found in speciality paints, such as bathroom or kitchen products. You can opt for washable matt paint, but it will still need more maintenance than silk. Silk paint dries to a smooth low-sheen finish that provides a graceful glow.

Do you need special paint for kitchens?

When it comes to kitchens, you definitely want a paint finish that can handle a little water, soap, and elbow grease. This makes satin or semi-gloss paint finishes a perfect choice. A satin finish is often used interchangeably with an eggshell finish, but it actually has a little more of a sheen to it.

Which is the best bathroom paint?

The best bathroom paint Dulux Bathroom+ Emulsion Paint. Polycell One Coat Damp Seal. Ronseal Anti Mould Paint. Johnstone’s Brilliant White Kitchen & Bathroom Emulsion. Ronseal High Gloss Tile Paint. GoodHome bathroom paint.

Do you need special paint for bathrooms?

In most cases, you do not need to buy specialty mold/mildew inhibiting bathroom paint. Just remember to keep your bathroom well-ventilated. A modern formulated paint like an acrylic eggshell or satin finish paint is fine for most bathrooms.

What is the best washable paint for walls?

THE BEST WASHABLE PAINT Dulux Easycare Matt Emulsion Paint. Best washable paint you can buy: The ideal paint for hectic households. Crown Hall And Stairs paint. Farrow & Ball Matt Estate Emulsion Paint. Colours Premium Silk Emulsion Paint. Sandtex Matt Masonry Paint.

Can you use matt paint in the bathroom?

Depending on several other conditions, you may be able to use vinyl matt emulsions, vinyl soft sheen (satin) paints or specially-formulated bathroom/kitchen paints.

Is Dulux easycare suitable for bathrooms?

Dulux Easycare Bathroom Soft Sheen is perfect for bathrooms! Whether you like long showers or to drift away in a steamy sea of bubbles you won’t need worry about your walls. Our specially selected bathroom colours are up to 5 Years’ Mould and Mildew Resistant and suitable for as much moisture and steam as required.

Is Dulux Once paint washable?

Dulux Once Gloss is a high VOC content gloss finish. This is a washable product which cannot be thinned and is applied by brush. Dulux Once Gloss is suitable for both interior and exterior use, touch dry in and recoatable after 16-24 hours.

Which Dulux paint is washable?

Dulux Easycare repels all sorts of tough stains with its washable formulation, including red wine, coffee, mud and fingerprints.