Can you use a red Solo cup as a measuring cup?

College students are familiar with Solo red cups. The party cup actually doubles as a measuring cup – except for liquor instead of milk. The first line above the base is the one-ounce marker, or a serving of liquor. The second denotes five ounces, useful for measuring wine.


Occasion Party,Everyday,Family
Type Cups
Capacity 50 cup
Count 50
Color Category Multicolor

Beside above, how much is 8 oz in a red solo cup? Solo Cup Company Symphony Design 8 oz. Trophy Foam Hot/Cold Drink Cups, 300 count.

Then, how many oz are in a Red Solo Cup?

Plastic Party Cup – 18 oz. The Red SOLO Cup is a necessity for your party supplies list.

What does a red solo cup mean?

Red Solo cups have become the unofficial cup you HAVE to have at a party. The next line is at five ounces, if you want to be classy and drink wine from your plastic cup. And the third line up is at the 12-ounce mark, for one full beer. But according to, it’s an urban legend.

What is the size of a red solo cup?

Official regulated by the rules of beer pong as being 16 oz cups in size (though 18 oz cups are also often used), red plastic party cups, specifically red SOLO cups, are iconically known to be the standard cups used for playing the beer pong.

How many ml are in a solo cup?

Red Solo Cups 16oz. (Pack of 50)

How much is a cup of water?

1 US cup of water (cup) = 236.59 milliliters of water (ml)

Can red solo cups be recycled?

At least one thing Toby Keith says about Solo cups is not true. They are not, in fact, decomposable. Solo cups are made with a type of plastic called polystyrene, also known as PS or by the recycling number 6. However, polystyrene is not widely recycled.

How is a red solo cup made?

The wax-coated cups were added to its lineup in the 1950s, as fountain sodas gained popularity. In the 1970s, Hulseman’s son, Robert Leo Hulseman, came up with the now-ubiquitous red Solo cup. The red Solo cups are made of thick, molded polystyrene.

Who makes red Solo cups?

The red cup isn’t simply popular. It’s attained the currency and reach of a universal brand. The brand itself is called the Solo Cup Company, a disposable plastic goods manufacturer founded in the mid-1930s in the American midwest and acquired, in 2012, by the Dart Container Corporation.

How much does a red solo cup cost?

Compare with similar items This item Stack Man Red [16 oz-100 Pack] Party, Cold Drink Plastic Disposable Cups Solo Cup Red Squared Plastic Party Cups, 18 Ounce, 200 Count Price $1239 $15.52$1552 Shipping FREE Shipping on orders over $25 FREE Shipping on orders over $25 Sold By

How many ounces is a red Kirkland Cup?

Kirkland Signature Chinet The Big Red Cup, 18 Oz, 480 Count.

How do you measure a shot in a red solo cup?

The iconic red plastic party cup famously has dividing lines for one shot of liquor, 5 ounces of wine, and 12 ounces of beer. The problem: the first line on that red cup measures a one-ounce shot, not the standard 1.5 ounces.

What is the standard solo cup size?

Provide guests with your most popular refreshments with this Solo P16R red 16 oz. plastic cup. Boasting a 16 oz. capacity, the cup is just the right size for serving your guests ice-cold draft beer, signature punch, or soda.

How many shots are in a solo cup?

The typical red solo cup shown is 16 ounces (some are 18 ounces or more!); if you filled it with beer you would be consuming 1.3 drinks. Using the red party cup for mixed drinks without a shot glass can easily lead to an unknown quantity of alcohol being consumed and exceeding your tolerance.

Why are solo cups red?

Why Are Party Cups Red? In the ’50s, they brought wax-lined cups designed for fountain sodas into the world. Then, in the ’60s, came the funnel-shaped Cozy Cup creation for coffee. And in the 1970s (the exact year is unknown), the red solo cup was first marketed as a recreational drink container.

Why are solo cups called Solo?

Party Cup is actually Solo’s official name for its indestructible polystyrene vessel, and it never set out to create a classic—just a really sturdy cup. When Leo Hulseman started Solo in 1936, the company originally just made paper cups (the pointy-bottomed kind for watercoolers).

How many ounces is a small solo cup?

Solo Squared Party Cups, Red 9 Ounce (Small), 100 Cups Learn more about free returns.