What happens when hexane is heated?

The carbon atoms completely separate from the hydrogens and from each other, and each one joins with two oxygen atoms to form carbon dioxide gas, CO2 (two oxygens, one carbon). So basically, what you have left after burning hexane is CO2 and water vapour. Hexane is used to extract edible oils from seeds and vegetables, … Read more

Why did immigrants choose to settle in cities?

The population increased greatly due to immigration, and the immigrants were willing to work more for less creating a lot of competition among American workers. Immigrants naturally would stick to their small groups causing a natural segregation in the city. Despite the harshness of their new lives, most immigrants found that the move had still … Read more

How much does a baby emu cost?

Their exotic appearance and gentle nature makes keeping them as pets a very feasible option. Though keeping pet Emus may have aroused your curiosity and interest, be warned that taking care of them and living with them is not an easy task. When Emus are small, they may seem very cute and cuddly. Their exotic … Read more

How do auto sensing washers work?

If the water level seems too low, or if the washer does not fill completely, auto-sensing helps stabilize the amount of water used. The washer senses the size of the load and adds the correct amount of water for the load size. Adding more water will cause the load to float off the wash plate … Read more

How do you massage your hair with shampoo?

Massage while washing hair Massaging dilates small arteries within your scalp that increase the blood flow to the follicles. They also improve the texture of hair, making it thicker and stronger over time. Remember that using scalp massages to promote hair growth is a slow process, but extremely effective. Also Know, does scalp massage cause … Read more

What is Dutch Realism?

In fine art, “Dutch Realism” is a rather loose term which refers to the style of Dutch Baroque art that blossomed in the Netherlands during after the final phase of the Eighty Years’ War for Dutch independence (1568–1648). Among the most memorable images of the Dutch Golden Age are the genre paintings by Johannes Vermeer … Read more

What is auto paint hardener?

Hardener which is also known as Activator. Both are a catalyst which helps your paint cure and dry for a lasting finish. Hardener, (Or activator as it is known in the business) drys the paint by chemically cross-linking the paint into the hardener, making a urethane mix that is much more impervious to chemical attack. … Read more

Do squirrels eat green pine cones?

Do you see squirrels? They are the culprits. They will chew the green pine cone, stripping it to get to the seeds inside each cone bract. When finished, they drop the cone down from the tree where it dries and remains for us to find with the lawn mower. Red and grey squirrels eat pine … Read more

Is cake flour self raising flour or plain?

Cake flour has low protein content, self-rising (raising) flour is plain flour with a leavening agent added (baking powder). Most “self–rising flour” is plain or all purpose flour with some salt and baking powder in it. It is used for biscuits and tea cakes. To substitute it for cake flour, you are going to need … Read more