How do I run a protractor test in Visual Studio?

Normally will write protractor code with javascript or typescript. But we can wirte the protractor code in C#. For this we need to add Selenium nuget packages and protractor nuget packages. We need to use one of the classes available in protractor called NgWebDriver.

Running Protractor tests on Visual Studio

  1. Open up your test automation solution on visual studio.
  2. Browse for the Protractor package against your test solution. Select the projects you want to install Protractor to, and then click ‘install’.

Also, how do I install protractor code in Visual Studio? Installing and using Protractor for AngularJS application in Visual Studio

  1. Step 1: Install Node.
  2. Step 2: Install Node.js Tools for VS.
  3. Step 3: Install Web Essentials.
  4. Step 4: Install Java Development Kit.
  5. Step 5: Setup Node.
  6. Step 6: Install Protractor (Globally or Locally)
  7. Step 7: Update selenium standalone server.

Additionally, how do you run a protractor test?

  1. Setup. Use npm to install Protractor globally with: npm install -g protractor.
  2. Write a test. Open a new command line or terminal window and create a clean folder for testing.
  3. Configuration. Now create the configuration file.
  4. Run the test. Now run the test with: protractor conf.js.
  5. Learn More.

Can we use protractor with C#?

Normally will write protractor code with javascript or typescript. But we can wirte the protractor code in C#. For this we need to add Selenium nuget packages and protractor nuget packages. We need to use one of the classes available in protractor called NgWebDriver.

How do you debug a protractor in VS code?

Debug protractor script in Visual Studio Code Prerequisite. Suppose you installed Node.js and configured protractor by “npm install protractor –save-dev”. Protractor Configuration. The easiest way to begin with protractor configuration is copy node_modulesprotractorexampleconf.js to your source repository. Create launch.json. Configure protractor in launch. Debug.

How do I run cucumber test code in Visual Studio?

Given you have Visual Studio Code installed: Open the command palette Ctrl-Shift-P (Windows, Linux) or Cmd-Shift-P (macOS). Select Install Extension, search for Cucumber (Gherkin) Syntax and Snippets, install it. Finally, reload Visual Studio Code.

Is protractor easy to learn?

Protractor also speeds up your testing as it avoids the need for a lot of “sleeps” and “waits” in your tests, as it optimizes sleep and wait times. As it is based on AngularJS concepts, that makes it easy to learn Protractor if you already know about AngularJS and vice versa.

What are the advantages of protractor?

Advantages of Protractor: It has default waits which waits for angular which is not present in selenium webdriver. Easy to write and manage page objects. If your application is angular based then it is better to go with protractor. It supports behavior driven frameworks jasmine, mocha, cucumber etc.

What language does protractor use?


Why do we use protractor tool?

The Protractor is an automation testing tool for web applications testing; combining powerful technologies such as Jasmine, Selenium Webdriver, Node. js etc. The Protractor testing tool is an end to end behavior-driven testing framework designed keeping Angular JS applications in mind.

What is protractor promise?

A promise is an object returned by a module, library, function that will be resolved or rejected some time in the future. import { browser, element, by} from ‘protractor’ import { protractor } from ‘protractor/built/ptor’; describe(‘Protractor Typescript Demo’, function() { browser.

Why do we use protractor?

Protractor acts as an end-to-end testing framework for both Angular and non-Angular applications that does not use CSS attributes. Automating web applications built on AngularJS using Protractor is a major step forward for enterprises in their efforts to automate the business process applications.

How does a protractor work?

Protractor is an end-to-end test framework for AngularJS applications. Protractor is a Node. Protractor works in conjunction with Selenium to provide an automated test infrastructure that can simulate a user’s interaction with an Angular application running in a browser or mobile device.

What is Karma Jasmine and protractor?

Karma is essentially a tool for testing which spawns a web server that executes source code against test code for each of the browsers connected. Jasmine and Karma are usually used together to perform Unit testing or integration testing. Protractor is an end-to-end test framework for Angular and AngularJS applications.

What is end to end testing?

End-to-end testing is a technique used to test whether the flow of an application right from start to finish is behaving as expected. The purpose of performing end-to-end testing is to identify system dependencies and to ensure that the data integrity is maintained between various system components and systems.

What is protractor framework?

Using the Protractor Automation Tool to Test AngularJS Applications. Protractor, formally known as E2E testing framework, is an open source functional automation framework designed specifically for AngularJS web applications. It was introduced during AngularJS 1.2 as a replacement of the existing E2E testing framework.

Is protractor better than selenium?

Difference between Protractor vs Selenium. You can automate the web applications using the selenium WebDriver with Java or any programming language of choice. Selenium’s performance is faster for a non-Angular web application. When working with Angular applications, protractor offers faster performance.