How do you sew elastic by hand?

Make sure that the elastic is lying flat and the fold is even all the way across. Sew along the bottom edges of the folded fabric. Pull the elastic taut again to make it even with the fabric and the begin sewing a zigzag stitch along the bottom edge of the elastic.

Simply put, you need to sew elastic directly to the fabric, forever joining the two parts together. It’s incredibly easy, and you can use a conventional machine, a serger or an overlock machine to do it. This technique isn’t just for waistbands, either. You can use it for any elastic you‘d put into a casing.

One may also ask, how do you hand sew a zig zag stitch? Method 2 Zigzag Chain Stitch

  1. Poke the needle through to the front of the fabric.
  2. Insert the needle into the fabric at the same point.
  3. Poke through at a diagonal point.
  4. Pull the thread into a loop.
  5. Tighten the loop.
  6. Pierce the center of the loop.
  7. Bring the needle out at a slant.
  8. Repeat the chain procedure.

Correspondingly, do you stretch elastic when sewing?

Make sure to stretch the elastic out as you sew so that it will be the same length as the fabric. Sew all the way around the elastic and overlap the beginning of the stitching slightly when you have sewn all the way around the elastic.

How do you make an elastic waistband bigger?


  1. Determine exactly how much elastic you’ll need to add to the waistband.
  2. Examine the waistband and look for an inconspicuous place to open it.
  3. Pull out the elastic slightly and snip it with the scissors.
  4. Cut a piece of elastic.
  5. Retrieve the article of clothing and remove the pin securing the elastic.

How do you sew decorative elastic?

Place your band elastic on the right side of your garment so that the plush side of the elastic is facing up and the decorative edge is on the left. Use a zigzag stitch to sew the elastic on, gently pulling on the elastic as you sew.

Can you stretch out an elastic waistband?

To take the stretch out of an elastic in clothing, start by stretching the elastic and pinning it to an ironing board so it stays stretched out. Then, place a damp cloth over the elastic and set your iron to the highest setting.

How much elastic Do I need to cut for a waistband?

Cut the elastic 2″–4″ smaller than your waistline measurement, depending on what you feel is comfortable. (If your waist is quite a bit smaller than your hips, pin the elastic together without trimming off the excess.)

How do you shrink elastic?

Simply cut a small slit in the interior fabric. Thread a smaller elastic alongside the bigger one. Pull to desired size, then knot or sew. A few stitches to sew the cut shut and you have perfect fit!

How do you relax elastic?

Turn your iron to its hottest setting. Pin one end of the elastic band to the ironing board. Stretch the band as far as it can go without damaging the material around it. Pin the other side of the elastic band to the board. Lay a damp cloth over the elastic band. Quickly iron sections of the band.

What widths does elastic come in?

Elastics come in all kinds of widths, from 1/4 inch to 3 inch and up. Your pattern will typically specify which width of elastic to use, but in general thinner elastics are used for things like swimwear and necklines, while wider elastic is used for waistbands for skirts and pants.

Can I cut elastic lengthwise?

You can cut this elastic to any width and it’s still usable! My big surprise came when I learned that a certain type of elastic could be cut lengthwise to a width of ¼″ without raveling or compromising the stretch. It’s knitted elastic called, Fantastic Elastic.