What does Nyssma stand for?

The New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) is the New York affiliate of National Association for Music Education. NYSSMA is a professional organization that evaluates student musicians in New York state from elementary school to high school.

Level 1-4 music is rated as “Outstanding, “Excellent”, “Good”, etc. on a scale of 1-28 with 28 being a perfect score. Level 5-6 music is rated as A+, A, A-, B+, B, etc. on a scale of 1- 100 with 100 being a perfect score.

One may also ask, how do I prepare for Nyssma? How to Prepare for NYSSMA

  1. Start Early. The earlier you start looking at your performance piece, the more time you’ll have to learn it inside out.
  2. Know Your Scales. One of the easiest ways to get points during your performance is by knowing your major scales.
  3. Perform for Others.
  4. Sight Read as Much as Possible.
  5. Arrive on Time.
  6. Materials.

Likewise, what is Nyssma festival?

NYSSMA sponsors approximately 145 solo & small ensemble and major ensemble festivals in New York State each spring. At solo and small ensemble festivals, students are given a performance evaluation that involves playing a graded solo from the NYSSMA Manual, playing scales and sight reading.

What is Nyssma all county?

The All County music festival is an opportunity for students to be rewarded for their individual success on their instrument or voice. All County provides students with the opportunity to play with some of the finest musicians at their age level in Nassau County.

What is the point of Nyssma?

NYSSMA is a professional organization that evaluates student musicians in New York state from elementary school to high school. Each spring, thousands of students register through their school music programs to attend NYSSMA Evaluation Festivals where they are adjudicated.

How do you make all states?

Fifteen Steps to Playing a Better All-State Audition Keep your instrument in optimum working condition. Practice. Begin each day with a thorough warm-up/maintenance routine. Spend 20-50% of your practice time on playing fundamentals. Play everything with the best sound you can produce. Memorize your scales, and practice them at least once per day.

What is the highest Nyssma level?

Students in their sophomore and junior year are eligible to perform at NYSSMA All-State. Students must perform a level VI NYSSMA solo (the highest level) and must be accompanied by a pianist. Students with very high marks are nominated and possibly selected to an NYSSMA All-State performing ensemble.

What should I wear to the Nyssma?

Although there is no particular style or color of dress required for NYSSMA, most teachers would agree that NYSSMA is a special occasion and should be treated as a performance. Students should wear clothing that is neat, clean and reflects a serious attitude.

What is a Nyssma solo?

What is it? At the Solo and Ensemble Festivals, students have the opportunity, alone, or in a small group, to perform a piece of music that is selected from the NYSSMA Manual. The music is listed in six levels according to difficulty. Students play or sing before an adjudicator and are evaluated on their performance.

What is All County Chorus?

The All-County Chorus program is designed to give county vocalists the opportunity to participate in an advanced large ensemble under the direction of a guest conductor. Music is selected by the directors and the guest conductor. The guest conductor conducts the final rehearsals and concert.

What is All County Music Festival?

All County Music Festival. A special event in which exceptional music students in 6th grade through high school from schools throughout Humboldt and Del Norte counties are invited to perform together in one evening.