What is Chatter feed tracking?

Chatter allows you to set Feed Tracking settings for objects you’re following on Chatter. Feed Tracking allows you to get real-time notifications about changes to particular objects in the interface. The Feed Tracking page will appear. Click on specific objects that you want to track on your Chatter Feed.

Feed Tracking. Feed tracking detects changes to tracked record fields and posts them as updates in the What I Follow feed. Users who follow a record, see those updates in their view of What I Follow, with one exception. Updates users make themselves aren’t posted to What I Follow.

Also, how do I enable Chatter feed on standard object? Enable Chatter feed tracking on the Review object.

  1. From Setup, enter Feed Tracking in the Quick Find box, then select Feed Tracking.
  2. In the list of available objects, click Review.
  3. Select Enable Feed Tracking.
  4. Select these fields: Core Competencies. Experience. Interviewer. Job Application. Leadership Skills.
  5. Click Save.

Moreover, how do I turn on feed tracking?

Let’s enable feed tracking for Contact records and add some fields to track.

  1. From Setup, enter Feed Tracking in the Quick Find box, and then click Feed Tracking.
  2. From the list of objects, select Contact.
  3. Select Enable Feed Tracking. Note.
  4. Select up to 20 fields to track.
  5. Click Save.

What is Chatter post in Salesforce?

Share a Chatter Post. Sharing lets you quickly copy a public post to your profile or a group. This feature is available in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.

How do I turn off feed tracking?

From Setup, enter Feed Tracking in the Quick Find box, then select Feed Tracking. Select the object you want to turn off feed tracking for. Deselect All Related Objects.

What is feed based layout in Salesforce?

Feed-based Layouts Overview. Feed-based page layouts make it easier to work with records by providing two separate views: one for the record’s feed, and one for its details, including related lists. Feed-based layouts are available on account, asset, case, contact, lead, opportunity, custom, and external objects.

How do I enable feed tracking in Salesforce?

Enable and Customize Feed Tracking From Setup, enter Feed Tracking in the Quick Find box, then select Feed Tracking. From the list of objects, select Contact (1). Select Enable Feed Tracking (2). Select up to 20 fields (3). Click Save.

What is field history tracking in Salesforce?

Field history tracking in salesforce. Field History tracking is a method where we can track the changes that happens to a field. Thi field history tracking can be done for custom objects and standard objects.

What is Salesforce Chatter used for?

“Salesforce Chatter is the world’s #1 enterprise social network. This powerful collaboration software solution empowers employees to connect, collaborate, share files, data, and expertise, all in real-time. Chatter will help drive productivity and increase efficiency and innovation across departments.

What do I follow in Salesforce?

Follow People and Records. Follow people and records to see their updates in your feed. When you follow people, you can see their posts, comments, and likes on the feeds that you also have access to. If a person you follow posts to a group you don’t have access to, you can’t see that post.

What is case feed in Salesforce?

Case Feed streamlines the way you create, manage, and view cases. It includes case actions like creating case notes, logging calls, changing the case status, and communicating with customers in a Chatter feed.

How do I turn on Chatter in Salesforce?

Enable Chatter. Step 1: Go to Setup > Customize > Chatter > Chatter Settings. Step 2: Click on Edit button. Step 3: Click Enable checkbox, and change the settings according to your need and Save.

What is Chatter feed?

Salesforce Chatter Feed is an interface wherein you and other Chatter users in your org can view profiles, updates, status messages, topic detail pages, on record detail pages, objects, and groups. Posts of people you follow on Chatter, as well as your own posts, can be seen on your Chatter feed.

How do I turn off Chatter feed in Salesforce?

To disable Chatter from the Salesforce organization Navigate to Setup > Customize > Chatter > Manage Your Chatter Settings. Click Edit. In the Chatter Settings section, clear the Enable check box.

How do I set up chatter?

Salesforce: How to Configure Your Chatter Feeds Choose Setup→Customize→Chatter→Feed Tracking. Click the name of an object in the Object list on the left side. Select the Enable Feed Tracking check box. Select each check box for the fields that you want to track with Chatter. Repeat for other objects and then click Save.

Where is chatter in lightning?

In Salesforce Classic, you typically access Chatter features from the sidebar on the Chatter tab. In Lightning Experience, access Chatter, colleagues’ profiles (People), and groups from the App Launcher. You can also get to these places from a tab or the overflow menu, depending on what’s showing.