What is the message of Nethergrave?

Both themes are ideal to remember because they go hand in hand. If you think about it, the theme in “Nethergrave” is saying if life is hard, then it is easier to make poor decision, and if you make poor decision, than it can affect yourself or others like the theme is in “A Sound of Thunder”.

The theme of Nethergrave as I see it is that you shouldn’t trust everyone. For example, Jeremy entered the virtual world without any other reason besides loneliness, and so as a result he trusted his whole being to the internet.

Also Know, what is the conflict in Nethergrave? The conflict in “A Sound of Thunder” is whether Eckels changes or his case, wrecks history. History was destroyed all because Eckels stepped on one little butterfly. Maybe had Eckels not stepped off the path, life as he knew it would still exist?

Similarly one may ask, what is the story Nethergrave about?

Nethergrave was about a boy named Jeremy, making a decision of staying in a world he wasn’t happy in or to leave and enter a whole new world in which he was promised never to be alone or hurt.

What genre is Nethergrave?

science fiction

What is the theme of the sound of thunder?

“A Sound of Thunder” explores the human relationship to ecology and the natural environment. Through the device of time travel, Bradbury is able to show the potential impact of human interference in the environment on seemingly unrelated events.

What is a theme of the story Charles Brainly?

Answer: One of the theme topics of the story “Charles” is parents impaired vision. Explanation: The narrator of this story is a lenient mother who is not able to see what her son has done and how her son attributes his actions to a boy called Charles.

Who wrote Nethergrave?

“A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury and “Nethergrave” by Gloria Skurzynski were good, well written science fiction stories.

What motivates Jeremy to make different decisions in Nethergrave?

In “Nethergrave,” Jeremy’s motivation to become a Jaguar is most inspired by his envy of those with physical skills and agility. Jeremy feels as if he is clumsy, awkward and a loner – the Jaguar avatar symbolizes everything he wishes he could be.

Which quote from Nethergrave best conveys?

The quotation from Nethergrave that best conveys Jeremy’s desire to escape the real world is this: “oh, i guess you mean those stories i make up online. You know about them?”