What is the plural form of phenomenon?

Usage Note: Phenomenon is the only acceptable singular form of this noun; phenomena is the usual plural. Phenomenons may also be used as the plural in nonscientific writing when the meaning is “extraordinary things, occurrences, or persons”: They were phenomenons in the history of music.

Borrowed from Greek, the English word phenomenon is the most common singular form and phenomena is the most common plural form. In fact, both the Oxford Canadian Dictionary and the Chicago Manual of Style list only these two entries.

Beside above, what is the plural form of species? The plural form of species is also species.

Also Know, what is the meaning of phenomena phenomenon?

Phenomena is the standard plural form of phenomenon. It means more than one unusual or remarkable occurrence, or in the context of philosophy, observable events. The sentences below are examples.

What are examples of phenomenon?

Examples of natural phenomena include gravity, tides, biological processes and oscillation. Social phenomena are those that occur or exist through the actions of groups of humans. Six degrees of separation, for example, is a phenomenon that is demonstrated in social networking.

How do you use phenomena in a sentence?

phenomena Sentence Examples The phenomena of the year take place every day in a pond on a small scale. How peaceful the phenomena of the lake! Dissipation seems largely dependent on meteorological conditions, but the phenomena at different stations vary so much as to suggest that the connexion is largely indirect.

What is the plural of hippopotamus?

The noun hippopotamus has a Latin root, which is the derivation of the plural hippopotami. However, hippopotamuses (which adheres to the standard rules for forming plurals) has become marginally more common than hippopotami.

Who is a phenomenal person?

When something is so great, call it phenomenal. It’s a solid choice when you want to describe your new favorite thing with more syllables than just “cool.” From a Greek root meaning “appearance,” phenomenal describes something so awesome and borderline miraculous it really has to actually be seen to be believed.

Is love a phenomenon?

Scientists who hold biological views of love tend to view the emotion as a human drive. While love is often seen as one of the basic human emotions such as anger or happiness, some researchers have suggested that love is instead a cultural phenomenon that arises partly due to social pressures and expectations.

What is modern phenomenon?

phenomenon. A phenomenon is an extraordinary occurrence or circumstance. Like many words with Greek roots, phenomenon started out as a science term. Scientists used it (and still do) to describe any event or fact that could be observed, amazing or not.

What is the plural of medium?

Medium has two plurals—media (the Latin plural) and mediums. While there is some gray area between the plurals, they are kept separate in several contexts. Media is used in reference to mass communications, where media are newspapers, radio, the internet, and so on.

Can a person be a phenomenon?

phenomenon. The definition of a phenomenon is something that is observable or an extraordinary thing or person. An example of phenomenon is a lunar eclipse.

What is the antonym of phenomenon?

wonder, oddity, miracle, marvel. phenomenon(noun) Antonyms: noumenon, thing-in-itself.

What is the difference between phenomenon and phenomena?

Difference Between Phenomenon and Phenomena. The two words or nouns “phenomenon” and “phenomena” frequently confuse people. They are singular and plural forms of the word “phenomenon.” “Phenomenon” is the singular form and “phenomena” is the plural form.

Is phenomenon an adjective?

adjective. highly extraordinary or prodigious; exceptional: phenomenal speed. of or relating to phenomena. of the nature of a phenomenon; cognizable by the senses.

What is the synonym of phenomenon?

Synonyms of ‘phenomenon’ They have not based it on any incident from the past. circumstance. I’m making inquiries about the circumstances of the disappearance. episode. an unhappy episode in my life.

What is universal phenomenon?

Definition of universal phenomenon from the Collins English Dictionary. New from Collins. Feb 23, 2020. tenno. the formal title of the Japanese emperor , esp when regarded as a divine religious leader.

Is Marvel a verb?

verb (used without object), mar·veled, mar·vel·ing or (especially British) mar·velled, mar·vel·ling. to be filled with wonder, admiration, or astonishment, as at something surprising or extraordinary: I marvel at your courage.

What is a phenomenon for kids?

A phenomenon (Greek: φαινόμενo, pl. φαινόμενα) is an observable event or, quite literally, something that can be seen. It comes from the noun φαινόμενον (phainomenon, df. appearance) and is also related to the verb φαινειν (phainein, df. to show).