When did Sherwood Anderson die?



Secondly, where was Sherwood Anderson born? Camden, Ohio, United States

Likewise, people ask, where did Sherwood Anderson live?

Cleveland Elyria

Who wrote Winesburg Ohio?

Sherwood Anderson

Where is Sherwood Anderson buried?

Anderson’s body was returned to the United States, where he was buried at Round Hill Cemetery in Marion, Virginia. His epitaph reads, “Life, Not Death, Is the Great Adventure”.

What genre is Winesburg Ohio?

Short story cycle

What is the theme of Winesburg Ohio?

The Many Themes in Winesburg, Ohio Winesburg, Ohio is a compilation of short tales written by Sherwood Anderson and published as a whole in 1919. The short tales formulate the common themes for the novel as follows: isolation and loneliness, discovery, inhibition, and cultural failure.

How many stories comprise Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg Ohio 1919?


When was Winesburg written?


When was the novel Winesburg Ohio published?

May 8, 1919