Where can I find Big Cheese in Toontown?

The Big Cheese. The Big Cheese is the eighth cog on the Bossbot Corporate ladder. It is a building-only cog (unless there is a cog invasion), and can be found extensively in the facilities of Bossbot Headquarters. It can range in level from eight to twelve.

A Legal Eagle is the seventh Cog on the Lawbot corporate ladder. Their levels range from seven to eleven. They only make appearances in Cog Buildings and Lawbot Headquarters, with the exception of Cog Invasions.


  • District Attorney’s Office.
  • Lawbot Courthouse.
  • Cog Buildings.
  • Cog Invasion.

One may also ask, how do I get to Bossbot HQ? Data is by normal gameplay. Bossbot Headquarters (also known as Bossbot HQ or BBHQ) is where the Bossbots reside. It is located behind Chip ‘n Dale’s MiniGolf at Chip ‘n Dale’s Acorn Acres. When visiting Bossbot HQ, Toons will find the Cog Golf Courses, the Bossbot Clubhouse, and the Executive Office Tower.

Similarly, it is asked, where are corporate raiders in Toontown?

A Corporate Raider is the seventh Cog on the Bossbot corporate ladder. As such, it can be found from levels 7 to 15.

How much health does the CEO have Toontown?

The CEO is the only boss cog that does not have a nametag above it. The CEO’s green and slow blinking red areas of damage last 30 health points. Since those areas are usually 95/5% of their health, the CEO’s total health might be in the 600-500 area.

Where can I find minglers in Toontown?

The Mingler is the seventh Cog on the corporate ladder of the Sellbots and ranges from Level 7 to Level 11. It is a building-only Cog, and can only be found in tall Cog Buildings and the facilities in Sellbot Headquarters.

Where can I find loan sharks in Toontown?

Loan Sharks are the seventh cog on the corporate ladder of Cashbots. Their levels range from seven to eleven. They are building-only cogs, unless there is an invasion. They are also found in Cashbot Headquarters Coin Mints, Dollar Mints, and Bullion Mints.

Where is the Cashbot HQ?

Cashbot Headquarters, also known as Cashbot HQ or CBHQ, is a cog headquarters where the Cashbots reside in. It is located in Pajama Place on Donald’s Dreamland.

How do you get to Salebot HQ in Toontown?

Sellbot Headquarters is located at the peninsula of Daisy Gardens’ Oak Street. Sellbot Headquarters is home to Sellbot Towers and Sellbot Factory. On top of Sellbot Towers is where toons may find the Senior Vice President of Sales. Toons will encounter the HQ upon reaching Daisy Gardens’ ToonTasks.

Where can I find Bossbots in Toontown?

Locations Location Neighborhood Percentage (Every Location) Bossbot Headquarters 100% Barnacle Boulevard Donald’s Dock 90% Walrus Way The Brrrgh 90% Tenor Terrace Minnie’s Melodyland 50%

How do you get to Chip and Dales in Toontown?

Chip n’ Dale’s Acorn Acres (commonly known as Acorn Acres for short, or abbreviated as CDAA or AA) is a neighborhood located to the southeast of Toontown. It can be accessed via the Donald’s Dock playground, and leads to Chip ‘n Dale’s MiniGolf, where golf can be played by up to four Toons.

How many stock options does a front three give?

764 Stock Options

What is VP in Toontown?

The Senior Vice President of Sales, more commonly known as the Vice President or the V.P., is the boss of the Sellbots. He resides atop the Sellbot Towers in Sellbot Headquarters and can be infiltrated by Toons.