Who is Vic Damone married to?

Rena Rowan

Carroll was widowed two years later when DeLeon was killed in a car crash. Carroll’s fourth marriage was to singer Vic Damone in 1987. The union, which Carroll admitted was turbulent, had a legal separation in 1991, reconciliation, and divorce in 1996.

is Vic Damone still alive? Deceased (1928–2018)

Regarding this, how old was Vic Damone when he died?

89 years (1928–2018)

How much is Vic Damone worth?

Vic Damone net worth: Vic Damone was an American singer, actor, and radio and television personality who had a net worth equal to $10 million at the time of his death in 2018 (after adjusting for inflation).

When did Diana Carol die?

October 4, 2019

Did Diana Carol die?


How old is Diahann Carroll now?

Diahann Carroll, who more than half a century ago transcended racial barriers as the star of “Julia,” the first American television series to chronicle the life of a black professional woman, died on Friday at her home in West Hollywood, Calif. She was 84.

Did Vic Damone and Diahann Carroll have children?

Damone was married five times and divorced four: Pier Angeli (1954–1958), actress, singer (one son – Perry Damone, 1955–2014) Judith Rawlins (1963–1971) (three daughters – Victoria, Andrea and Daniella) Diahann Carroll (1987–1996), actress, singer.

What kind of cancer did Diahann Carroll die from?


Who is Diahann Carroll daughter?

Suzanne Kay

Who were Diahann Carroll’s parents?

Mabel Faulk Mother John Johnson Father

Where did Vic Damone live?


How did Vic Damone die?

Respiratory disease

When was Vic Damone born?

June 12, 1928

Who was Diahann Carroll husbands?

Vic Damone m. 1987–1996 Robert DeLeon m. 1975–1977 Fred Glusman m. 1973–1973 Monte Kay m. 1956–1963

When and how did Diahann Carroll die?

She was 84. The Oscar-nominated actress and breast cancer survivor, who also starred in “Dynasty” and “White Collar,” died of cancer, her daughter Suzanne Kay said Friday. Carroll burst on the scene as one of the first black actresses to star in studio films.

How old is Vic Damone?

89 years (1928–2018)

Who was Frank Sinatra favorite singer?

Tony Bennett